Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Ontology Merging Strategy

Summarizing the posts from yesterday, there is a general problem of "things" in one ontology/data model not mapping (in a definite way) to "things" in another model. How to support (or even automate) mapping from one model to another? I.E. how to facilitate "transformation" from one "basis" to another?

A strategy at the heart of an existential programming language could be to reduce entities to their most atomic level: semantic relations between an entity and a single attribute. Use "identity" algorithms to reconstitute these atoms into "things".

A new language that did this and integrated multiple sources of data (OO data, E/R relational data, semantic networks, web-search-results) could create a single seamless framework and data continuum.
[Ed. Note: as found 10/29/07, others have had similar ideas.]

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