Monday, February 12, 2007

Captain's Log: My (new) niche in the World

Captain's Log, Lincoln's Birthday: After being absorbed in my new pastime these past several months trying to learn enough Philosophy to know whether it is worth learning at all to be of any practical use in my Software Engineering career, I have decided a decidedly *yes*. Not only is it worth continuing to pursue, it could well be my next career: Exploring and writing about the intersection between Philosophy and Computer Science. i.e. "Experimental Philosophy" or "Empirical Philosophy" or some such.
I can already see that Philosophy is a deep ocean to get drowned in; better to take on the much smaller pond that is cross-disciplinary studies. Nobody in mainstream computer programming is aware of this stuff! I know because I have a computer science degree and have been doing hands on development for 30+ years from the days of spaghetti code thru structured programming thru modular programing thru embedded programming thru object oriented programming thru distributed programming thru AJAX. I think I saw one article about Plato in CACM once. There is a book in this; dare I say a series? At the very least I ought to start a blog to put these notebook entries someplace in the meantime.

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